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  1. Freight Brokers can be totally independent

  2. Low Start Up Cost

  3. Spend as little as $400 monthly on their over head expenses

  4. Earn as much as you want

  5. Freight Brokers have a ever expanding universe

  6. If you are a Trucking Company, cut out the middle man

  7. Work from home

  8. Work with customers and motor carriers from across the US

  9. Freight Brokers have more time for their families

  10.  It requires absolutely NO commuting

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Here's what others say about us!

This class was great! I learned a lot of techniques to obtain new contracts. This class was very hands on I felt very confident by the end of class and even more excited on what’s to come!


I have been in Logistics for several years, but I decided to take this for a more in depth understanding of the transportation industry. This class was VERY informative. All of the information was taught clearly, professionally, and ALL questions were answered. This company wants you to succeed either way you decide to go. I feel that now I can approach freight brokering head on!! Thanks ladies for the class!


After months and months of research i finally decided to invest in myself and take Global Precision Logistics Freight broker 101 advance class. & I honestly feel that it was the best decision. The class was so informative & the instructors were very down to earth. The ability to work as an agent under them and further learn hands on outside the class it’s impossible to fail. Special thank you to Kelli & Courtney. I pray they continue to be prosperous. A lot of snakes in this business it’s nice to know there are still good people out there.



— Tambra Covington


— Candace Buford


— Nyisha Xenia

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